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Rosemary Issue - Rosemary Christmas Tree, Rosemary Hair Oil and Shaving Cream
December 18, 2015


I hope that you are well.

Issue 6 of The Herb Magazine has now been published.

Thank you for your feedback.

The focus this issue is rosemary, recipes, remedies, toiletries and crafts.

Fabulous recipes for Rosemary Chicken, Potatoes and a cake - how to make Rosemary Hair Oil and Shaving Cream.

The final part in the 'herbs to go with' is beef and there's the definitive horseradish sauce recipe..

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The Herb Magazine Issue 6 Rosemary

Incidentally, if any of you are writers, website owners, bloggers or similar, I am taking submissions for the magazine. It's a free advert for your products or visitor boost for your site. Let me know if you want to submit something for inclusion or if you have any suggestions for people I might approach who would be interested.

I am loving the Introductory Herbal Course I've signed up for from the world famous Herbal Academy of New England.

I have completed Unit 4 now and you can read my experiences and thoughts in the magazine. This Unit is dealing with the nervous system and has advice about coping with stress and the related problems that arise, depression, headaches and the like.

Do have a look at the course, you'll find it really interesting. I'm so impressed with the content of it.

The new courses look fantastic - they’re offering bundles as well which work out a bit cheaper than the individual courses. I’m really tempted to do the Entrepreneurial one next - watch this space!

Please don't forget there's an offer for three months subscription of The Herb Magazine at no charge on Apple Newsstand.

Please feel free to pass these links and the password to anybody who has an Apple product and an interest in herbs or natural remedies, cosmetics and the like - the more the merrier!

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Like the Facebook Page to receive regular updates as well - I do post most days, something funny, useful or thought provoking. It's a great place to interact and I will see your questions or comments immediately.

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If you like the magazine I would love it if you could leave me a review in the App - that would be fabulous!

I'd love contributions or questions for me to answer in the magazine, so get in touch if you have something you want to ask or send in.

Issue 6 is rosemary and 7 is lavender - get your questions and contributions in fast.

OK - so that's it for now - hope to see you next time.

Bye for now

All the best


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