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An apology and a new beginning
January 05, 2016

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope you’ve had a great holiday season and are all fired up for 2016.

How was 2015 for you?

Have you any plans for this year?

As some of you will know, I launched a new magazine last year on the Apple Newsstand and after having had emails from people, I’ve come to realise, that it’s something a lot of my visitors can’t use.

I’ve had some people say that they don’t have Apple products (an iPad or iPod or iPhone) and if they have the smaller ones, then the magazine is just not properly readable.

I’ve decided to suspend it for now and go back to a more accessible form of eZine via this newsletter.

I hope you’ll all be happy with this decision. If anybody has paid subs that they feel they haven’t had value for, I apologise and please contact me for a pro rata refund. I will probably be publishing another magazine, but it will be one that can be read from a desktop or laptop as well as a tablet - and it’s for the future.

So, this January 2016 issue of The Herb Guide is to introduce you to the new format.

Click on the photo to see it in full.

There is a selection of great posts and features that you’ll love - on the page that’s linked from this newsletter, there's a box that you can comment in - good, bad, compliment or complaint - I’d love to hear from you whatever you have to say - don't I Al?

You will find a great video from Janie on how to build a pallet garden - ideal for herbs as a lot of them are shallow rooted.

There’s a fabulous recipe for mint and rosemary playdoh to make for the kids.

Some novel ideas for upcycling old boots and turning them into planters - they'd be great for colorful bedding and small herbs.

Growing mint is one of the most searched for topics on my website and I have the lowdown on that, with some important information for pregnant women.

A mint mojito video - strictly for the grown ups!

Meet Justine Thyme and Sweet Cicely, my Calendar Girls.

Lastly, there’s an article on 5 Health Benefits of Mint - it is so versatile and you’ll be surprised how simple it is to use, from cosmetic to medicinal uses.

I do hope you like this new format. I loved the research for the magazine, getting together the best content I could find and producing it, but not everybody can access it - so until I can work out how to make that possible, this is how I shall try to share what I’ve found with you and it’s at no cost to you.

Please, as always, email me questions and comments.

I would love it if you would forward this email to any of your friends you think would be interested.

Join the Facebook page if you ‘do’ Facebook - share on Pinterest - invite friends - just spread the word.

See you in February.

Bye for now and the all very best to you and yours.


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