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Don't Buy New Seeds Until You've Tested Your Old Ones
January 14, 2014


Happy New Year to you - I hope 2014 will bring you joy and happiness.

This is the Armchair Gardening Season - sit in front of the fire, gardening catalogue in one hand, drink of your choice in the other.

Plan, dream, imagine what you're going to grow this year, staying dry and warm...

Wake up!!!!

Don't think you have to buy new seeds every year - the suppliers will give you a 'best before' date, but they are often wrong.

Last year (2013) I found a packet of dwarf green bean seeds in my shed which were packed in 2007 and recommended being used by 2008.

I tested 10 of them and got 100% germination...

I also got pounds of beans off the plants - the supplier would have liked me to throw the seeds away and buy new ones.

Not likely!!

Follow the link on the photo to see how you can test old seeds to see if they're viable.

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Bye for now

All the best



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