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How to Dry Lavender from Herb Guide News
September 02, 2012

Hello All

I've been busy drying lavender and takings cuttings to increase my stock this last week or so.

I've put up some tutorials for you with step by step photos and tips.

It's really easy and buying dried lavender to perfume your drawers and cupboards through the year is quite expensive - so easy to do it yourself - you might even make a few sachets or bunches to give away as gifts.

I've had emails about growing lavender and I've done a 2 part tutorial on how to grow lavender from cuttings.

The links are below and I hope you find them useful - if you have any questions or comments, then please email me or leave feedback via the Facebook commenting box at the bottom.

I love to hear from you.

Drying Lavender

How to Grow Lavender from Cuttings

So that's it for now - short and sweet like I said.

If you have any suggestions for tutorials that you would like me to write, then please get in touch - at the moment, my plan is to do garlic butter (plus info for other herb butters) and garlic bread.



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