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Cheery Chives: Test Soil pH and Seed Viability, Cheese Biscuits, Herby Croutons and much more
March 15, 2016


I hope you’re well.

There's a fabulous mix of videos and articles for you this issue.

Thank you for your kind feedback on the new/old magazine - I hope you can see everything you wanted to now it’s readable on a PC instead of just a tablet or phone.

There's some very useful garden information this issue - how to test your pH without spending a fortune on a kit and how to test old seeds for viability, before buying new.

Click on the photo to see it in full.

This issue includes:

Growing chives

Herb Butter

Cheese and Chive Biscuits

Potato Salad

Testing Seeds for Viability (video)

Homemade Make Up Remover Pads

Catnip Cat Treats

Herby Croutons (video)

DIY Garden Bench

Stone Garden Markers

How Blood Pressure Works (video)

How to Make a Bath Rug out of Recycled Towels (video)

Wildflower Mead Recipe

Exploding Bath Bombs (video)

Herbs to Go With Pork

Test Your Soil pH

Rounding off with Sweet Cicely and Justine Thyme, the Calendar Girls. Please check out the store I have started to build which features Justine and Cicely on an array of novel gifts.

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See you in April - I'm aiming for the third Tuesday each month, so fingers crossed :-)

Bye for now and the all very best to you and yours.


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