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Growing Mint, Natural Diuretic & Hair Rinse
March 08, 2013


I hope you're well - March already!

I've had an email recently about growing mint.

Growing mint is easy - stopping it taking over the garden is what's difficult.

What I normally do is sink it into the bed in its pot, then every month or so, give the pot a twist so as to loosen any runners your plant may be sending out.

Click on the thumb below to read more about it.

A trending topic at the moment is natural diuretics.

Parsley tea is very effective and gentle - however, it's one to avoid if you're pregnant.

The link below tells you about parsley tea and also gives you a link to pages about which herbs to avoid if you're pregnant.

Don't get too concerned - culinary quantities are unlikely to do you any harm.

Last but not least is a chamomile rinse for your hair.

It will lighten your hair over time, but it leaves it lovely and shiny and smelling pretty.

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There's nearly 4000 members, so come and join us Click on this link to be taken through. Drop in and introduce yourself :-)

So that's it for now - if you have any questions, then please contact me.

I'll see you next month - I have a tutorial prepared which shows you how to test if your old seeds are still viable.

Bye for now

All the best




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