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Making Mint Jelly and Mint Sauce - Herb Guide News
November 05, 2012

Hello All

Hope this finds you well.

I have written the tutorials with photos Mint Jelly and Rosemary Oil for Hair - as a bonus, there's Mint Sauce as well.

The mint jelly may look complicated, but it's really not - you just need to cook the apples then allow the juice to drain out, then make the jelly. It's all there in photos and just drop me a line if you need more help.

The rosemary oil and the mint sauce are very simple.

Just a word of caution re the Rosemary Oil - if you have blonde hair, then use chamomile - rosemary will darken your hair.

OK then - I'll cut the chat and here you are

I hope you find the tutorials useful - if you have any questions or comments, then please email me or leave feedback via the Facebook commenting box at the bottom.

I love to hear from you.

Mint Jelly

Rosemary Oil

Mint Sauce

So that's it for now - short and sweet like I said.

If you have any suggestions for tutorials that you would like me to write, then please get in touch - at the moment, it's Garlic Mushrooms and Lavender and Honey Ice Cream.



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