Garlic Butter Recipe

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This garlic butter recipe is very simple and straightforward.

The tutorial will take you step by step to making perfect garlic butter.

Put 4 oz/ 1 cup (100g) of softened butter into a mixing bowl.

Take your garlic bulb and break off 3 cloves.

Remove the papery skin from one side and just pull them away.

Here are the cloves but they still have skin on.

Cut the bottom and peel away the skin.

I use a garlic crusher to mince it, but you could chop them with a knife if you prefer.

Here they are with the skin off.

You just pop a garlic clove in the 'jaws' and squeeze the handles together.

You will need to scrape the remnants away.

You'll need a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

About 5 or 6 stems will do.

If you don't have fresh, then a tablespoon of dried will be fine.

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