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Test Seeds, Lavender Shaving Cream, Bodyscrub, Dog Biscuits and more!
January 23, 2016

I hope you’re all well and raring to go and the weather’s not been too bad for where you live and all that.

I’m delighted to hear such positive feedback from you about the new/old newsletter. I loved building the magazine, but it wasn’t accessible for a lot of people, so this is a combination of the best of both worlds.

With it being Valentine’s Day shortly, this issue is focussing on Lavender - the herb that signifies undying love and devotion.

It’s also Mothering Sunday in the UK on 6th March (2016) and Lavender is a traditional herb to make gifts out of.

Click on the photo to see it in full.

This issue has:

Homemade Body Scrub - you will save pounds in your lifetime by never buying any from a shop again

Homemade Shaving Cream - one for the gents or ladies of course.

How lavender is an excellent bee plant.

Dog Biscuits to make - you can’t leave your dog out of Valentine’s Day - who loves you most?

How to freeze herbs in oil - not lavender, incidentally, although I suppose it would work.

A Lavender and Lemon Chicken recipe - just for two, but of course, you could make it for more.

How to test your seeds to see if they are still viable - we waste a fortune buying seeds year after year and this is a great method to see whether what you’ve got saved will germinate. Plus tips on how to save seed year on year, so what you do buy this year will last.

A short video showing you how to build a fire pit out of commonly available materials.

How to prune Lavender - a video demonstrating year one through to three of lavender bushes. Very useful information.

Information about growing lavender from cuttings, drying lavender and its medicinal qualities.

Rounding off with Sweet Cicely and Justine Thyme, the Calendar Girls. Please check out the store I have started to build which features Justine and Cicely on an array of novel gifts.

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See you in February.

Bye for now and the all very best to you and yours.


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