I have had numerous emails about freezing herbs, but parsley in particular and so thought it would be a suitable topic for this month's newsletter.

As I write this, it's August and this is the time when herbs are growing at their strongest.

Preserving herbs is an important issue if you have your own herb garden.

Air drying, oven and microwave drying, preserving in oils, sauces, jellies are alternatives, but our modern way of life makes us lean towards freezing herbs for out of season use.

It's a simple method and you can keep 6 months supply in a small poly bag or box in the freezer - don't forget to label them as they all look the same when they're frozen :-)

You will find easy to follow instructions here.

Also, within the section 'Preserving Herbs' on the navbar are instructions for other ways of preserving herbs - things to consider when making your decision as to how to preserve are:-

  • how you intend to use the herb - is it to be added to a dish, used as a garnish, made into a sauce?

  • how often will you use the herb out of its growing season?

  • do you have a suitable place to air dry herbs? Modern houses are short of dark, airy rooms.

  • do you have enough and/or suitable storage space?

  • flavored oils, butters, sauces and jellies are alternatives for seasoning your meals - it may be a good option of preserving for you.

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