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There are 3 essential herbs for Christmas.

You absolutely need sage - dried or fresh - to make turkey stuffing.

There is a recipe on the site here for a very simple sage and onion dressing - you will never want to buy a packet again.

I make things a bit simpler for myself on Christmas Day, by processing the breadcrumbs and popping into a poly bag in the freezer.

They only need a short while to defrost and it's one job less for the day - also, I make breadcrumbs for my bread sauce - you really don't want the food processor out if you can help it.

The next must have herb is thyme.

It goes very well with turkey.

Make a herb butter by mixing 4 oz (100g) of softened butter with about a tablespoon of chopped thyme - if you're using dried, then use about 1 or 2 teaspoons.

Loosen the skin from the meat and push the butter in around the breast. Pat it back into shape.

This will keep the flesh moist during the long cooking process as well as giving a buttery, herby flavor.

Many people like to serve pork as well as turkey for Christmas dinner.

If that's the case in your house, then make a rosemary butter and use it to baste the meat as you're cooking.

You can also make a Rosemary Christmas tree as a centrepiece for your table - intructions here.

I wish you season's greetings and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Speak to you in January.

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