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Homemade Body Scrub from the Storecupboard
January 08, 2013


With the start of a New Year, people's attention turns to their holidays.

Exfoliating winter skin is something that you shouldn't leave until the last minute.

There are recipes here for home made body scrubs - using fresh herbs or essential oils.

You can use sea salt or sugar - some people use oatmeal, but that doesn't dissolve and can clog your drains - sugar and salt both dissolve when you rinse them off.

You need more oil in the first recipe as you will lose some when you strain the herbs.

To use a body scrub, first of all bathe or shower, then take a handful of the scrub and rub it on to your arms, legs and anywhere you feel you have some rough skin.

Rub it in well, then rinse off - you'll be left with lovely silky feeling skin from the oil.

I use it once a week through the year, making different batches every month or so. 100 g of salt to 30 to 50ml of oil works well.

And finally as a bonus this month, have a look at this natural remedy for acid reflux.

Some people report the pain from this when it wakes them in the night as thinking they're having a heart attack.

This simple herbal remedy will prevent the 'burning' feeling.

So that's it for now - short and sweet like I said.

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