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Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing
November 25, 2013


I hope you're well - nearly Thanksgiving!

A short newsletter this month as everybody is busy but I just want to give you the links for my special easy turkey stuffing recipe.

You can use dried or fresh herbs of your choice, but I would tend to choose sage.

Two pages - one for 'dried' and one for 'fresh' - step by step photos on the 'fresh' page.

One more link which is for all my herb recipes with a great Rosemary Turkey recipe there if you're stuck for something a bit different. Also, some lovely different sides which you might like to have a look at.

So that is all, except to say, have a very happy Thanksgiving whatever you're planning to do. I hope the year ahead is filled with good things for you.

Sage Stuffing Recipe with Dried Herbs

I do hope you enjoy them – if you have a specific recipe you’re looking for, then please email me.

It’s lovely to hear from you and I thank you all for your emails – it never ceases to amaze me that people are out there in the internet.

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So that's it for now - if you have any questions, then please contact me.

Bye for now

All the best



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