Basic Herb Garden

Basic Herb Garden - culinary

You can either grow your herbs amongst your other plants or have a special area. A spiral or wheel is a lovely way to grow them - quite a feature.

For my herb garden, I would say the following are essential.

The links are 'live' and lead to growing guidelines.








You would need to contain your mint in the centre as it has a tendency to take over. The instructions for each herb will explain.

Photo: Flickr; Janice.Mansfield

These plants are all suitable to grow in pots or containers and are hardy enough to grow outside in the majority of climates.

Basil is the only plant in the basic herb garden that you may have difficulty keeping outdoors. The growing basil page will give you more information.

You can make your wheel or spiral out of stones or brick or maybe even find an old cartwheel that you could use.

Siting Your Basic Herb Garden
Choose a spot close to the kitchen - you don't want to be trailing too far for your herbs.

Overall herbs prefer a sunny spot if it's possible - try to avoid shade as it makes the plants a bit 'leggy' - lots of stem between the leaves.

Most of these herbs can be raised from seed, some you will have to beg or buy a plant - and in the following years, you will be dividing and replacing your own stock as well as giving it to friends.

One of the things I love about gardening, is the way gardeners swap plants - I don't just have ivy I have Stan's ivy, Lens lilies, Mary's rudbeckia - don't know about you...

The individual requirements are dealt with on each page, but these are just general guidelines to help you if you are just starting out.

If you've been lucky enough to inherit an established herb garden, but it's in poor shape, then there are guidelines as well to help you rescue it.

Any specific questions regarding 'rescue' then please use the form on my contact page - I'm not precious about my email address and you will have it when I reply to the form - I just don't want it 'harvested' by spybots ;-)

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