Alphabetical List of Herbs

This is an alphabetical list of herbs which is by no means definitive - just the most common and useful to use in your cooking.

The photographs (alphabetical again) are linked to pages on growing and using the herbs.

The pages they link to give guidelines for whether to buy or sow from seed yourself, a 'Rescue Remedy' if you've inherited a neglected herb garden or allowed your own to grow wild ;-)

I have a separate section for herb recipes and other useful information about herbal remedies and cosmetics.




Bay Leaf









Lemon Balm


Marjoram - Pot

Marjoram - Sweet







Salad Burnet

Savory - Summer

Savory - Winter

Sorrel - French

Sweet Cicely

Sweet Marjoram


Tarragon - French


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  • cultivation tips
  • herbal cosmetics
  • herbal remedies
  • preserve herbs
  • 150 bee friendly plants
  • cope with bee stings
  • gardener's glossary

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Indoor Herb Garden

This is the answer for growing lush herbs indoors all year round.

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