Dieting and Green Tea

The dieting and green tea link started in 2004 on Oprah's show when Doctor Perricone stated that by substituting green tea for coffee, you could lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

He absolutely guaranteed it and the explanation was that coffee raised blood sugar and insulin levels whereas green tea would lower them.

He adds that switching to green tea will assist in your long term weight loss.

It has thermogenic properties which are reputed to assist in raising your metabolic rate - that should help with dieting.

In the same way that exercising raises your metabolic rate - the benefits being enjoyed for a period of time after your exercise is over - these thermogenic properties have longer effects than the drinking of it.

Many people have said that they have lost weight from drinking green tea - Sophie Dahl says she 'lost her puppy fat' for instance.

Personally, I lost 7lbs in 6 weeks with the switch - it was effortless - I continued my normal eating pattern and substituted green tea for coffee - no milk and I didn't have milk in my coffee before.

It's is an acquired taste - if you normally drink coffee or normal tea, then you will have to re-educate your palate.

There are many types and you will find one you like - quite a few different blends.

As a boost to your metabolism, it does help with dieting but it's not an alternative to a reasonable diet.

It can and does make a difference - you should be able to lose another 2lbs a month with taking green tea - over a year, that's 24lbs - nearly 2 stone!

Depending on your target weight, this could make a considerable difference.

Green tea is a much more healthy beverage than coffee - for that reason alone, the switch is worthwhile.

It is an important antioxidant, it eliminates toxins, aids digestion and allays hunger.

Scientists have found that it also fights free radicals, which cause cancer and heart disease.

So - dieting and green tea - does it help with weight loss - some people say that one cup a day will result in a 5lb weight loss over a year - some people say that to see a significant weight loss, you would need 40 cups a day!

I know that I lost 7lbs in 6 weeks just using green tea.

I also know that it is a healthy drink and that it will do no harm, only good.

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