Garlic is wonderful - it has powerful medicinal qualities and makes food taste fabulous.

There are so many garlic pages on this site, that I thought I'd make a bit of a garlic 'hub' so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

Miracle-Gro Aerogarden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Indoor herb gardening is becoming very much the rage these days. You can just snip a few herbs off the stems, grab a tomato or chop a chilli while you're cooking. 

The indoor gardens look gorgeous in the house too with their lush green foliage and gentle background light.

You can grow flowers and buy blank pods to select your own seeds. 

The most trusted name in the market is Miracle-Gro and their flagship is the 6 or 7 pod model - Click on the photo or here to find out how to

  • set up an Aerogarden
  • programme the lights for optimum growth - it's not what you think!
  • find space in even the smallest kitchen
  • choose which kit to buy or whether you need the blank pods
  • trim the herbs to allow slower growing ones to catch up
  • preserve small quantities of herbs by drying or freezing

and much more

The video below shows how to remove the 'germ' from the fresh garlic so that it won't smell - check out and see.  I think he means the germination sprout - it's the bit which will make the stem when the clove sprouts.

It really does work, but I don't know if it affects the medicinal benefits.

The next time I have a cough, I will try it without the 'germ' first and see if it is as effective.

If anybody knows, please write and tell me if it's as effective or if this is where the properties of garlic are concentrated and so the efficacy is affected.

Garlic butter is one of the most fabulous things - you can keep it covered in the fridge for a few days or freeze it in discs ready to pop onto plain cooked food or use it to fry with for any recipe that calls for garlic. Click on the photo to see how super simple it is to make garlic butter with step by step photos.

Growing garlic is very simple. You can sow it twice a year, in Spring for a Summer harvest and in Autumn for harvesting the following Spring. This way, you will have a continual supply of fresh garlic bulbs for your own use - maybe even supply the family ;-) 

Read more by clicking on the photo.

I have two methods of making garlic bread. One is if I'm making it just for one or two people:

Make the butter - just mash a clove and some chopped parsley into some softened spread.

Slice some crusty bread and toast under the grill on one side, butter the other side and pop under the grill until it's brown.

This works if you only want a couple of slices for yourself.

If you want to make it for more, then click on the photo for step by step instructions.

This is one of my real favorites - cheesy garlic bread - just heaven. Garlic bread and cheese, what more could you want? 

A nice plate of mussels or a tomato pasta or - making me hungry!

Click on the photo for step by step photo tutorial.

Garlic mushrooms are extremely popular as a starter or side.

So simple to make.

Step by step photo tutorial - you know where to click!

A very economical Garlic and Chicken Pasta dish. You can use the trimmings off the roast chicken - it really only needs about 1 cup (4 oz, 100g) of chicken for this dish. 

So simple and tasty. 

Garlic is so good for you, it is full of minerals and nutrients. The Health Benefits of Garlic are legendary, from fighting high blood pressure and cholesterol to warding off vampires ;-) I kind of made that one up (perhaps!)

It is so easy to incorporate into your diet as well as the recipes here show. No need to persuade everybody 'oh honey, do eat this, it's so good for you'.

I just adore mashed potato - garlic mashed potato in particular is so wonderful. The smell as it comes to the table, wafting up under your nose. You'd think you'd gone to heaven.

It's so easy to make and you will get some of that lovely healthy garlic at the same time as eating your meal.

Garlic shrimp - where would we be without garlic shrimp?

Buttery, garlicky, shrimpy - you'll need loads of bread to mop up those juices.

Try this method and see how quick and easy it is to get this tasty dish on the table in double quick time.

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