Garlic Bread Recipe

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Super simple garlic bread recipe

Forget buying bags of frozen or only eating garlic bread when you're out for  a meal - YOU will be able to make the best garlic bread you have ever eaten!

Garlic bread is an essential with most pasta dishes, it's great as part of a buffet. it smells wonderful whilst it's cooking.

The mixture of crispy crust and melted garlic butter into the fluffy inside of the bread - gorgeous! 

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First of all get a baguette - I prefer this to the long french stick as it is easier to manage.

You can make two or three if you want a lot of garlic bread.

Slice the bread with a bread knife.

Do not cut all the way through - leave the bottom intact otherwise the garlic butter will seep out and you'll be left with dry garlic bread.

This loaf measures 10 inches and I made 8 slices.

Move the sliced loaf onto a piece of tinfoil.

Don't be tempted to cut the loaf on the tinfoil to save crumbs as you run the risk of cutting through - the butter will run out and your garlic bread will be dry.

You will need a quantity of garlic butter - click for the recipe.

It depends how much you like, but for this size loaf, a couple of ounces or half a cup would be enough.

If you make too much, you can store it in the fridge or freeze for 6 monthsl

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Garlic Bread Recipe


Garlic Bread Recipe

Superb basil pesto recipe that is very easy to make. Simple step by step instructions with photographs. Gorgeous with some hot pasta.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Yield: 10

Main Ingredient: garlic, butter, bread

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