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If you're confused as to which herb to use with what food, which herbs you can grow indoors or out, is it peppermint or spearmint you use in cooking or numerous other questions, I can help you.

Let me introduce myself - my name is Liz Alderson, I live in Chatham, Kent, UK and I've been editor of this site since 2005. I have a YouTube channel (Herb Guide TV) where I answer some of the questions that are sent in to me, by demonstrating how to make basic herbal remedies, herbal cosmetics, household cleaning products and how to grow and cook with herbs. 

I'd love to be able to tell a tale of how I learned about herbs at my grandmother's knee, but sadly, I didn't, so I can't. However, I did get a love for crafts and making things from her, so maybe she did set me on my way. 

That's my nan and grandad in the photo below - Nellie and Lewis. 

I've been interested in gardening and cooking since I was very young. I used to help my dad in the garden and like a lot of children, cut my teeth on a packet of radish seeds and marigolds.  Growing food was amazing! 

Likewise, with the cooking  - my nan taught me a lot and I was keen to have a go even as young as four or five years old. I'd stand on a chair and she'd let me help her mix cakes, make pastry and prepare dinner. My dad was a good cook too. My mum not so good...

When I first left home to get married in 1976, my husband Chris and I had a ground floor flat in a house in Loughborough, Leicestershire.  The small back garden was divided into 2 – one part for each flat. It was a real mess as nobody had bothered to look after it for years.

The first spring in our flat, I bought some grow kits to use in our half of the garden and began to turn over the garden soil.

I planted the seeds in the little plastic propagators on the kitchen windowsill and marvelled as they grew.

The wonder of eating produce that I’ve grown from seed never ceases to amaze me – I remember the first year’s crop tomatoes, brussel sprouts, potatoes and tiny cauliflowers. I looked into the dark green leaves of the cauliflower plants and could see tiny white curds growing – it was magic!

The tomatoes weren’t too bad – we’d had a very hot summer and they ripened well outdoors – and we had a few Sunday dinners from the potatoes, cauliflowers and sprouts.

The following year Chris and I bought a house a few miles away in Shepshed, Leicestershire. It had a large garden, but I just did a bit of general maintenance and looked after what was there – he died in November 1978, three months after we’d moved in (just 24 years old with cancer) and the garden went on the back burner.

The next winter, I moved again to a shop I’d bought in Worskop, Nottinghamshire – I started gardening the following spring and began to grow herbs. I’ve grown herbs for my own use since about 1980.

I’d become a more sophisticated cook and the thought of having my own herbs growing outside my kitchen door really appealed.

I started with sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, mint and parsley. 

Nothing beats being able to pull a few leaves or snip some herb garnish - it always used to impress guests!

I got really busy in the shop and the garden was made over to easy maintenance apart from my little herb garden – herbs don’t take a lot of looking after – you prune them naturally by using them and once they’re established, they just need keeping in check.

My mum and dad joined me and we bought the fruit and veg shop next door - photos below. We also had a fishmongers. 

I've moved again since then and I live in Chatham, Kent. I  have a small garden which is a very funny triangular shape.   I’ve made it low maintenance but I still grow my herbs – a few in the garden, some in pots and basil in the kitchen.

Around 2000, I became interested in herbal remedies - just the basic stuff, what is termed 'simple' remedies, which generally means one herb mixtures. 

I had started a job at a Children's Home and the Director there was very much into alternative therapies. We used Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy frequently, but my interest was piqued with herbal remedies. 

I read more and more about it and in time, I took courses - My first major one was with The Herbal Academy of New England (I have written in depth about that course here) I am currently registered for their Intermediate Herbal Medicine course. 

I did a course on Herbal First Aid in Dorset with 7Song from the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Ithica.

I have studied plants with the Royal Horticultural Society and the Science of Nutrition with the Open University. 

I've got a YouTube Channel (Herb Guide TV) where I demonstrate many herbal techniques, how to make simple remedies, cosmetics, natural cleaning products and cook using herbs.  Check it out - if there's something you'd like me to demonstrate, please drop me an email. 

In 2003, I became intrigued at building websites. It was a bit of a snake pit and I got bitten many times. I could write a book on that!

I didn't give up though as I really wanted to write and share my herb knowledge plus grow in understanding myself.

I persevered and in 2004, I began building a seafood website - www.find-a-seafood-recipe.com and the next year, I started on this one.

I write a monthly newsletter - Herb Guide News - I cover various topics and if you subscribe, you will get a free 2 part eCourse 8 Culinary Herbs. 

I also have a Facebook page with over 5000 members if you'd like to join me there at The Herb Guide

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