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HANE Tincture 101 June 2024

Just imagine row after row of amber and cobalt blue bottles lining the shelves of your herbal dispensary, each neatly labeled and filled with various shades of yellow, green, and brown herbal tinctures that you’ve crafted for a specific purpose. In the online, self-paced Tincture Making 101 Mini Course, we explore the craft of tincture making from the ground up, giving you a solid foundation that will prepare you to make, use, and formulate tinctures confidently! 

This is the perfect time for the tincture course - plants are growing abundantly and you ought to take advantage of that, to harvest and prepare your herbal preparations ready for the winter. 

There are hundreds of cookery courses to choose from. 

Some are half or full day and some are longer, where you go on holiday and spend some part of the day cooking and the rest 'holidaying'. Quite often, there's accommodation for a partner who isn't interested in doing the course on those.

If you're looking for a specific course, then please use the search box at the top of the page and you'll get a list (some of those entries will not be on this website) but you'll need to check any reviews on them.

Herbalist Courses for all levels

You can try a sample lesson to help you decide if the Herbal Academy of New England is the right choice for you - click the link below.

Preview Lesson from the Introductory Herbal Course
Nazlina in her kitchen in Penang

My friend Nazlina, lives in Penang, Malaysia and runs cooking classes and market tours.

She's sent a recipe of 'Nasi Ulam' a very special herb and rice dish.

Click on the photo to read what she has to say, pay her site a visit and if you're ever minded to go to Malaysia, pop in and say 'hello'. 

There is a video of John Torrode's Malaysian Adventures when he visits Penang. You can see Nazlina teach him how to cook Pineapple Curry (around 06:00) 

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