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Herbs are a valuable addition to your daily diet - you can use them in a variety of ways.

They smell delicious, taste delicious and have many cosmetic and medicinal uses.

Health Benefits of Mint

Here are five great health benefits of mint. It is such a versatile herb - you can use it for recipes, cosmetics and remedies. It is also a great pollen source for bees.

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Herb Guide Sitemap

The Herb Guide Sitemap is a listing of every page within The Herb Guide.

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Cooking With Basil

Cooking with basil is so rewarding. It goes beautifully with tomatoes and smells divine. There are amazing health benefits of basil too.

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From how to remove the 'smell' to making garlic mashed potato, find out some of the many uses of gorgeous garlic.

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About Me

About Me. A brief background on Liz who writes the Herb Guide and why she does it!

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How to Make Garlic Butter

How to make garlic butter in simple easy photographed steps. Very simple and versatile. The basis of a lot of garlic recipes

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Cheese Scones

Step by step tutorial with photos to make herby cheese scones. Delicious served hot or cold. Very easy to make and only 20 minutes to cook.

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Mint Jelly

Mint jelly is an easy way of preserving mint for use out of season. It is superb with lamb. Step by step instructions with photos.

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Sage Plant

The sage plant is a good value herb. It's evergreen, highly aromatic and has culinary, medicinal and cosmetic uses.

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Uses of Thyme

There are so many uses of thyme. It has such powerful properties and can be used in cooking, remedies, cleaners and cosmetics.

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Planting Rosemary

When planting rosemary, you need to consider that it is a mediterranean herb. It needs a sheltered, sunny spot. Planting it against a wall is ideal.

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Baked Figs & Thyme Honey

Gorgeous baked figs with thyme and honey. Great dessert for a dinner party - follow the recipe or watch the short video showing you how to make

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Growing Garlic Indoors

Growing garlic indoors is really simple. Follow the step by step instructions or watch the video to have fresh garlic growing even if you live in an apartment

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Herbal Cough Syrup

This herbal cough syrup is quick to make and you can use either sugar or honey. It will keep for months in a dark cupboard or the refrigerator. It can be part of your home First Aid kit

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Sage Stuffing

Step by step instructions with photos to make sage stuffing. You'll love this - so easy and tasty. I doubt you'll ever want to buy a packet of mix again!

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Tomato Relish

A tasty tomato relish flavored with thyme. Great with cheese or meats and very simple to make in small quantities

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Catnip, catmint cat mint - it will drive your cat to a frenzy. Easy to grow, preserve and make into toys for your feline friend. Even big cats like catnip - watch the great video of tigers!

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Vinegar Cleaner

How to make a homemade citrus vinegar cleaner. Vinegar is a great disinfectant, but it smells quite strong. Add some citrus and thyme to get a good all round cleaner.

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Simmering Potpourri

Take the risk out of simmering potpourri by using your crockpot instead of a pan on the stove top. Find out how to make your house smell gorgeous with some of these combinations of herbs and spices

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Rosemary Tree

A Rosemary Tree looks and smells great. It's the ideal miniature indoor Tree and would make a great centerpiece for

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How to Grow Herbs Indoors

How to grow herbs indoors - whether it's because you have no outdoor space, it's the middle of winter of you just love to have a few pots of herbs in the kitchen, how to grow herbs indoors will give you many options of the best way for you.

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Strawberry Basil Jam

This healthy strawberry basil jam is sweetened with honey and thickened with chia seeds and ready to eat in about 20 minutes. No need for long cooking times or sugar thermometers. Video to show you step by step how to make it.

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Fresh Herbs

Now you have your fresh herbs, find out how to use them. You can use them straight away or preserve them for out of season.

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How to Not Waste Fresh Herbs

How to not waste fresh herbs - whether you've bought them or grown them here's the 'how to' you've all been waiting for.

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Herbal Cough Remedy

This herbal cough remedy is easy to prepare and very soothing. It blends healing herbs with the natural goodness of honey. It's very effective in relieving irritating coughs.

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Perennial Herbs

Perennial herbs - plant once and grow year after year. They make a good framework for your herb garden

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Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors with the Aerogarden. How to decide where to site your Aerogrow indoor herb garden.

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How to set up an Areogrow Aerogarden. Follow these step by step photos to set up your fabulous indoor herb garden

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Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden is great and AeroGarden is the best. You get the freshest herbs possible right at the point of use and in all seasons.

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Chicken Tomato Basil

This great one pot recipe uses a gorgeous combination of chicken tomato basil and rice. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes to bake in the oven. A perfect mid week meal.

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Tomato Basil Chicken

Super easy all in the crockpot Tomato Basil Chicken - meat, sauce, potato and veg all cooked separately.

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Creamy Seafood Pasta

A creamy seafood pasta recipe using tarragon, parsley, mussels, prawns and creme fraiche. Lovely herby sauce just right for mopping up with crusty bread.

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Basil Chicken

This super easy basil chicken recipe will be ready in next to no time. It takes around thirty minutes which makes it perfect for a mid week meal for all the family.

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Iced Mint Tea

Iced mint tea is very refreshing and can help your digestion. 2 methods here - one using water and the other lemonade - they are so good, you could serve them at a party!

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Fresh Herb Recipe

This fresh herb recipe is a spicy combination of coriander, chicken, rice, beans and salsa - almost a chicken chilli in a pepper bowl. Great with some sliced avocado and tortillas.

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Herbs to go With Beef

Herbs to go with beef - which are they? Exciting recipes to enhance your cooking.

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Home Remedy Cough

Home remedy cough information. 10 ways to relieve coughs. You will have the majority of these ingredients in your store cupboard and will get quick relief.

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Parsley tea is a simple, gentle herbal diuretic. It's easy to make and effective. What can cause water retention?

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Growing Sorrel

Growing Sorrel is relatively easy as it is a perennial plant. It is used in sauces and soups and has a high vitamin C content - commonly known as french sorrel. This photo shows red veined and green.

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How to Build A Fire Pit

This fabulous video from the UK shows you how to build a fire pit in your backyard using easily obtained materials in a few hours

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Planting Seedlings

Planting Seedlings - Once you've got your seeds germinating, the next step is to pot on the seedlings.

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Herbs For Kids

Here are my top five herbs for kids. Gentle, effective and safe. How to calculate the correct dosage and 19 herbs you should never give to children.

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Herbal Tea

The benefits of herbal tea can be medicinal as well as refreshing. Here's easy instructions to make a herb tea or tisane and some medicinal uses for herbs.

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Sage is an essential culinary and medicinal herb. Make a stuffing for the turkey. It's also a very useful tea used to ease sore throats and as a decongestant.

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Mint Tea Recipe

This mint tea recipe can give you relief from indigestion, flatulence and some of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS Relief).

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St John's Wort

St John's wort has been described as 'Nature's Prozac'. It is clinically proven to be as effective in the treatment of mild to moderate depression as prozac.

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Natural Cough Remedy

Sage is a natural cough remedy. Add honey and lemon to an infusion of dried sage and you have a store cupboard method for settling coughs.

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Insomnia affects 15% of the population at any one time. The causes are many, but herbal remedies are often very effective and less addictive than chemical solutions.

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Natural Cough Remedies

Natural Cough Remedies that you can make at home. Ginger, honey and garlic cough remedy. Videos giving step by step instructions.

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