Herbs to Go With Chicken

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Herbs to go with chicken

Chicken is probably the most versatile of all the meats commonly served. You can make any amount of different dishes out of one chicken once it's cooked.

They're great for leftover meals, making it extremely economical.

I love a roasted chicken served with sage and onion stuffing, roasted vegetables and gravy. The second day, I like to make a curry or pie, then the stripped off pieces I use in enchiladas, chilli con pollo or a pasta dish and the carcass will make a soup or stew with loads of vegetables.

Herbs to go with chicken

list of herbs to go with chicken

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sage and onion stuffing ingredients

This is my favourite sage and onion stuffing recipe. You can make it with fresh or dried sage. I have been making this for the last forty years and would rather do without stuffing than have a packet again. Click on the photo for step by step photo instructions.  Sage is one of the most common of herbs to go with chicken. 

lemon balm chicken

This lovely simple roasted Lemon Balm Chicken is quick and easy to put together - it combines the lemon balm with sage. The recipe calls for fresh, but you can easily substitute dried and still get an excellent result. Use about one tablespoon of each as an equivalent. Shake some dried herb inside the cavity as well. 

The recipe is from AllRecipes.com and is four to five star rated - excellent! 

Wow! This Rosemary Chicken recipe is cooked in a Dutch Oven over coals - it's awesome! One pot cooking - all the vegetables are in the pot and cook together. The video is great - but a quick tip is to use the settings icon and increase the speed of playback :-) 

If you're not wanting to cook in the great outdoors, then you can easily cook it in a medium oven for two hours or so, until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables tender.

garlic chicken pasta

Just to show how versatile chicken is, this Garlic Chicken Pasta dish can be whipped up in the time it takes the pasta to cook. Use some leftover chicken - half a cup will be plenty - and you've got a tasty, quick and economical dish on the table in less time that it takes a takeaway delivery. Click on the photo.

chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

Another Chicken with Garlic recipe - the famous 'Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic'. You serve the cloves whole in their skins and the idea is to squeeze the cooked garlic onto toasted french bread and spread it like butter.

This recipe is from the cooking section of the NY Times and has five star ratings. The reviews are excellent with some really useful tips. For instance, brown the portions before assembling otherwise the skin looks a bit anaemic; use a whole chicken and joint it; skin the chicken first if fat is a problem for you. Brilliant recipe and super helpful tips from people who've tried it - many of them more than once!

basil roasted chicken

Another easy roasted chicken recipe, this time with Basil. I have demonstrated with step by step photos how to get the herby butter under the skin of the chicken. It's a super simple meal to serve when the weather's hot - just set it to cook and leave it. Serve with some baked potatoes which you can pop in the oven at the same time and some coleslaw.  

A common question I get in my mail is about herbs to go with chicken - there's no shortage!

lemon chicken with herbs

Thyme, Lemon and Chicken from LoveofCooking.net. Succulent chicken breasts baked in the oven make an easy midweek meal.

Assemble this and get on with something else. Serve with some crusty bread, new or baked potatoes and you've got a very easy meal which will become a firm favorite.


Parsley: Fresh parsley brings a clean, peppery flavor that complements the mild taste of chicken exceptionally well. It's perfect for adding a burst of color and flavor to a simple grilled chicken or a savory chicken stew.

Cilantro: If you're aiming for bolder flavors, cilantro is a staple in many ethnic dishes that feature chicken, such as Mexican chicken tacos or Thai curry. Its lively, citrus-like taste enhances the chicken's flavor without overpowering it.

Dill: Dill's light and slightly sour profile make it ideal for chicken dishes that include creams or lemons. Try it in a lemon-dill chicken pasta, or mix it with yogurt for a refreshing chicken salad.

 Health Benefits of Cooking with Herbs

Using herbs not only elevates the taste of your chicken dishes but also offers numerous health benefits. For example, rosemary has been associated with enhanced memory and concentration, parsley is rich in vitamins A and C, and garlic promotes heart health.

Storing Fresh Herbs

To keep your herbs fresh longer, wrap them in a damp paper towel and store them in a zipper storage bag in your refrigerator's crisper drawer. For herbs like basil, store them at room temperature in a cup of water, just like you would with a bouquet of flowers.

Meeting Dietary Needs

For those following specific diets:

- Low-Sodium: Enhance flavors with herbs instead of salt. Try marjoram or thyme.

- Gluten-Free: Ensure all used ingredients, like broths or sauces, are certified gluten-free.

- Keto-Friendly: Focus on high-fat herbs like sage or rosemary, which pair excellently with fatty chicken parts for roasting.

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