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Ayurveda is the ancient herb medicine of India - it's holistic, which means that practitioners view the patient as a whole - their health, their well being, their lifestyle and their state of mind.

Humans are complex organisms that are healthy, free from disease and at peace with life in their normal state.

Ayurvedic medicine is a science and is primarily to support the human body in its optimum stage but can be used to re-establish that state if necessary.

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Ayurvedic practitioners believe that disharmony within the five senses – being out of sorts with your environment or people - are the cause of diseases and that by re-establishing a healthy lifestyle and peaceful existence, the body will self-heal.

In conventional Western medicine, only two things are taken into account - exposure to the disease (bacteria, virus) and immunity in that person. Then the body will be bombarded with chemicals to treat the disease, never getting to the root of the problem.

Ayurveda ancient herb medicine is the science of boosting that immunity and preferably preventing disease in the first place. If there is disharmony and the body succumbs to disease, then ancient Ayurvedic herbs are used to support the body's capacity to heal.

This is done with a variety of methods - each one planned for the individual.

The treatment consists of analyzing the patient’s condition and then devising a program which will address diet - some people are naturally vegetarian, some meat eaters - herb remedies, color, aroma and massage therapy plus yoga and relaxation techniques – all for that individual.

The Ayurveda practitioner will then give a continuing programme for the patient - adjusting lifestyle, diet and therapies in an effort to maintain the equilibrium of the body.

I have no personal experience of Ayurvedic medicine – I have been fortunate to enjoy good health – but I do know that my immune system is in good condition. I know that I eat well, I avoid processed foods (I don’t like them much) and I am a relatively calm person, I get on with people and manage to keep stress at a manageable level.

I rarely go to the doctor – I’m not often ill and if I am, I prefer to fight the illness myself without recourse to drugs. I will use a herb remedy to soothe and I firmly believe that my refusal to use antibiotics helps me build up further resistance to disease. I rarely catch what other people are coughing all over me.

I suppose you could say that I have followed the ancient herb medicine of Europe. 

Proper herbalists use a similar concept called 'energetics' where the person, the condition and herb are all taken into account before a recommended remedy is suggested.

The ancient science of Ayurveda fascinates me and if I were ever in need of assistance, I would most certainly investigate further – it is indeed ancient at over 5000 years old and has stood the test of time – look at those gnarled old yogis who never ail anything despite sitting around in their loin cloths for years on end ;-)

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