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Find the perfect herb gift - great ideas to solve the problem of 'what to buy'.

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Find the ideal herb gift for under $10 for your herb loving friend or an affordable treat for yourself.

These are perfect for thank you presents, stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts - a thoughtful herb gift that won't break the bank.

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Herb Cutting Scissors

herb cutting scissorsHerb Cutting Scissors

These great looking herb cutting scissors will make quick work of chopping herbs.

No more messing around with boards and knives or herb choppers. You can snip herbs neatly and quickly straight into your cooking dishes.

There's a bonus strawberry huller and a tiny comb to clean the blades of surplus herbs so you don't waste any.

These will be a perfect addition to anybody's kitchen.

Great reviews - 96% five and four stars - people rave about them!

Herb Gift - Stripper Tool

Herb Gift - Herb Stripper

This great little herb stripper tool makes light work of stripping leaves off herbs. Rosemary, thyme, mint and as a bonus, kale and collard greens. 

People report a technique of short sharp pulls works best - tug-stop-tug-stop and that allows the stem to pass and gives the leaves time to fall into the bowl.

If you're processing a lot of herbs for tea or sauces, this will be a great helper.

Dishwasher safe and a handy measuring bowl tells you how much herb you've got.

Herbal Tea Bags

herbal tea bags

These washable herb bags are just right for adding a bouquet garni to your cooking or you could use them as loose tea bags for herbal teas. You could fill them to take to work so you can get your herbal tea during the day without an elaborate performance.

They are very reasonably priced - around $5.99 - so you could afford to buy some herbs as an additional present.

They measure 3 x 4 inches, making them large enough to hold flower bud herbs such as chamomile, rose buds and lavender.

Fill one with lavender and tie it under your faucet whilst running your bath to get the scent and oils for a lovely relaxing soak without getting herb floating in the water. A perfect herb gift for herbal tea lovers.

Herb Tea Infuser

herb tea infuser

This is a large 2 inch round ball and 7 inch stick tea infuser. Great for loose tea and herbs of all sorts.

It's dishwasher safe and is big enough to reach to the bottom of a tall glass mug. The generous bowl size makes it ideal for larger herbs such as chamomile flowers and also makes it perfect for fresh herbs which are naturally bulkier than dried.

If you're infusing herbs in oil to make herbal remedies, this is ideal and means you won't have to strain your oil. Straight into the dishwasher after use for minimal clearing up.

A very versatile infuser and another great herb gift for herbal tea fans.

Fresh Herb Keeper

fresh herb keeper

You can solves the problem of keeping bunches of fresh herbs for longer than a few days.

If you've bought some from the supermarket, then you'll know how quickly they wilt and you don't always want to freeze them, sometimes you want them fresh for garnish or snipping into finished dishes.

You can store this in the door of the refrigerator or keep it on the counter top if you prefer.

Very successful with fleshy herbs like basil, cilantro and parsley, it will revive herbs which have started to wilt, so if you see a marked down bunch in the grocery store, grab it and use your herb keeper to take advantage of the bargain. 

Herb Chopper

herb chopper

A perfect manually operated herb chopper with a mixer blade. Two or three pulls on the cord will chop garlic and herbs finely. You can also use it to make salsa - add a handful of cilantro for flavor. 

Small 1.7 cup size or larger 4 cup size are both under $10. 

If you go camping or just don't want to bother getting a large food processor out, this is the ideal solution to make light work of chopping herbs and vegetables, making salsa, pesto, guacamole and much more.

All parts are dishwasher safe.

Two Tea Infusers with Drip Trays

tea infuser with drip tray

A great gift - two tea infusers with a drip tray to keep your surfaces clean.

Perfect for loose leaf tea, herbal teas - big enough to accommodate large leaf or flowers.

They're made from stainless steel which means they will last a long time - just take them apart, add the leaves to the compost heap and rinse through.

You can use them to make individual cups or if put them in a tea pot to serve more people.

The tiny holes won't let any leaves through but will allow the herbs or tea to swell and infuse.

Pestle and Mortar

pestle and mortar

A great value pestle and mortar just right for pounding dried herbs and spices into a fine powder. 

It's far easier to grind small quantities of dried herbs in this than getting out a herb or coffee grinder. 

You can also use it to make a paste from fresh herbs, garlic and chillies.

This is dishwasher safe so that makes for an easy clean up.

Herb Burner

herb burner

A beautiful and stylish herb burner, designed to burn herbs.

The large abalone shell - 5-6 inches - sits on top of the wooden tripod, so this is totally natural, unique and reminiscent of the sea. 

The smudge sticks are sold separately or you could make your own or use resin to burn in the shell.

This herb gift is just perfect as it is totally individual - there will be no other one like it.

Gardening Gloves

gardening gloves

Beautiful gardening gloves. 2 pairs for under $10.

They are flexible because they're made of nylon with a ribbed cuff which fits closely, keeping insects out.

They are coated with nitrile for durability, making them puncture proof and giving protection from chemicals and they're machine washable.

Available in 3 sizes with a money back guarantee.

Amazing value - love those colours, they look like violets, with the purple and green - I think I'd wear one of each!

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