How to Make Garlic Butter

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This recipe for how to make garlic butter is very simple and straightforward. 

The tutorial will take you step by step to making perfect garlic butter.

Put 4 oz/ 1 cup (100g) of softened butter into a mixing bowl.

Butter in bowl for making garlic butter

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Take your garlic bulb and break off 3 cloves.

Remove the papery skin from one side and just pull them away.

Bulb of garlic

Here are the cloves but they still have skin on.

Cut the bottom and peel away the skin.

I use a garlic crusher to mince it, but you could chop them with a knife if you prefer.

Garlic cloves and garlic crusher

Here they are with the skin off.You just pop a garlic clove in the 'jaws' and squeeze the handles together.You will need to scrape the remnants away to add to the mixture. 

Garlic crusher and peeled garlic cloves

You'll need a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

About 5 or 6 stems will do.

If you don't have fresh, then a tablespoon of dried will be fine. 

Fresh parsley

This is my herb chopper.

I find it much better than using a knife - it is double bladed and you just rock the blade onto the wodden block which has a dip in the middle.

Herb chopper and board

Here we are, perfect finely chopped parsley in seconds!

I do use the stems as well - it all tastes the same and makes for less waste.

Chopped parsley

Tip the crushed garlic and chopped parsley into the butter.

Garlic and parsley added to butter in a bowl

I use an ordinary table fork, just using the prongs to mix the garlic into the butter.

It only takes a few seconds if it's soft.

It is possible to use your usual spread instead of butter if you prefer.

Mixing garlic, parsley and butter together

Tip the garlic butter out onto a square of greaseproof paper.

You could use aluminium  (tin foil) if you like.

Tip out garlic butter onto greaseproof paper

Wrap the garlic butter with the greaseproof and roll into a sausage shape.

If you want to use it straight away you can or chill in the fridge until you want to use it.

Garlic butter in a paper roll

You can store it in the fridge until the date on the butter you used.

If you want to freeze it, then I suggest after you have chilled it, you slice it into discs and pop into a freezer bag.

You can keep it for 3 months and use it to make garlic bread or just liven up plain grilled fish or steaks.

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