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A great selection of herb gifts for you - this time in the $25 to $50 range.

There's so many wonderful herb related things on the market, it's hard to choose, so I hope this selection will either make you think 'oh, that's just right' or set you on a train of thought that will lead you to the perfect gift for the occasion.

Have a look at the growing kits - my favourite of the herb gifts at the moment is the classy looking mason jar self watering herb growing kits. I wish someone would buy them for me.

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Self Watering Herb Kit

Self Watering Herb Kit

If you have a friend who would love fresh herbs in the kitchen, but is less than green thumbed, this is perfect.

The idea is that you plant the seeds in the growing medium provided and the wick dips into the water to deliver just the right amount, so the plants never dry out. You can see how much water is in the jar at a glance.

It's ideal if you're away for a week or two - just fill the jars with water and your herbs will continue to flourish.

The two jar kit has basil and mint. You can buy them individually or in kits of three with various herbs - all organic.

People have reported that after years of never being able to grow anything, they've finally had some success.

When the herbs are exhausted, you can just grow some more - the grow kit can be used for ever. Wash the recyclable growing medium, the insert and the jar and away you go again.

Herb Place Mats

Herb Place Mats

4 gorgeous laminated top and cork backed place mats. Just right for a beautiful table setting.

They feature a watercolour illustration of basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and chives.

Easy to wipe down and heat resistant, these would be a great gift or a treat for your own home.

A very classy looking set of place mats that would go well with any decor and be as at home in the dining room as the kitchen.

Indoor Wooden Herb Planter Kit

Indoor Wooden Herb Garden Planter Kit

This beautiful wooden herb planter is handmade in the USA. It's hand painted to different finishes and held together with nails, not glue and staples.

You can choose antique (here) green, red or white to co-ordinate with the decor.

There's a plastic liner to prevent water damage - make sure you don't overfill it or it might spill over the top.

Comes complete with potting compost, seeds and markers.

At 6 inches wide, it is perfect for a windowsill herb garden and will give years of pleasure.

Herbal Tea Selection

herbal tea selection

This are 236 herbal tea bags in this gift - two boxes of each type you can see here.

There's peppermint tea, chamomile tea, orange and spice, sweet dreams (chamomile and mint blend) peach and lemon & ginger. 

They are caffeine free, gluten free and have no carbohydrates.

A gorgeous gift for the herbal tea lover which will soothe, relax and revitalise.

Such a lovely gift - your recipient will think of you every time they have a cup of herbal tea.

Set of Botanical Prints

Set of 6 Botanical Prints

A very stylish set of 6 Botanical Prints based on illustrations from 1887. The detail is exquisite. 

The sizes are 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 - all come in between $25 and $50. There are larger 11x14 prints available.

They are unframed which means you can choose frames to match your decor.

Fabulous in the kitchen, dining room or living room - in a group or used as accents around the room.

3 Herb Saver Pods

3 Set Herb Saver Pods

These herb savers fit in the refrigerator door.

They will keep cut herbs fresh for much longer than wrapping in paper or leaving them lying round, up to three weeks.

By keeping the herbs in separate containers, the strong flavours won't mingle. 

You could also use them for asparagus or green onions. They will draw up water from the base and keep fresh for longer. 

There's a hinged door so you can access the herbs easily and a plug in the bottom allowing you to change the water without disturbing the herbs.

They are top rack dishwasher safe.

Mezzaluna Knife and Cutting Board

Mezzaluna Knife and Chopping Board

This beautiful mezzaluna knife and cutting board come boxed for a perfect gift for the herb lover in your life.

Stainless steel double blades and an acacia recessed board. Simply rock the knife from side to side to get herbs perfectly chopped.

You could chop nuts, scallions and garlic as well - it's very easy to clean, simply wash with warm water and detergent.

One tip for using this - the rocking motion can move the board, so if you put a small damp cloth underneath, it might stop it moving.

Certified International Ceramic Square Platter

Certified International Ceramic Square Platter

Certified International have a wonderful choice in their Herb Garden design made in high quality lead free ceramics. 

It is hand painted dinner ware - making every piece unique.

This is a 14.5 inch square platter which is the ideal size for serving a selection of pastries, sandwiches or cakes.

There are so many pieces to collect - canapé plates, soup or pasta bowls, dinner plates and many more platters and serving dishes.

This would be perfect as a housewarming, engagement or wedding present that you could add to year on year.

Everybody loves classy looking dinnerware and this is one of the most charming sets I've seen.

Herbal Aromatherapy Pillow

An aromatherapy pillow that you can use as heat or cold therapy.

Mist it with water and heat in the microwave or wrap it in a bag and pop it in the freezer for a few hours.

It is long and flexible so you could use it on on your hands, knees, hips, elbows or neck.

These are great for relieving headaches and general joint pain.

Use it cold to reduce swelling in arthritic joints and relieve the pain.

There are 6 to choose from - copper, gold, silver, hot pink, purple silk or purple cotton.  It is 100% organic using a herbal mixture and flax seeds.

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