Natural Cough Remedies

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The first of these natural cough remedies is ginger and honey.

The video shows you how to extract ginger juice to give an effective natural cough medicine - no words, just music and a practical demonstration.

It is really quite easy and effective. Ginger is fiery and the honey will soothe your cough.

Many natural cough medicines use garlic - it's effective, but the downside is that it smells - this next video gives a tip for removing 'the smelly bit' of the garlic.

Now the tip does work for cooking - I've tried it and the smell doesn't hang around - the taste is there - but I don't know if it takes the medicinal properties away at the same time.

I've researched this extensively, but can't find any authority that says the medicinal property remains.

So the traditional garlic and honey cure for coughs - try it with and without the 'germ' I think he's literally translating 'shoot' as in germination :-)

In the next video, the girl just cuts it up and mixes it with honey - then she swallows it, following up with a drink of water. It's a simple way to take it and will be a good boost to your immune system as well. She's a stronger girl than me!

Garlic has many good properties which make it a good natural remedy.

I don't have a cough at the moment, but the next time I get one, I'm going to try the without 'germ' version first

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