Parsley Tea

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parsley tea in cafetière

Parsley tea is easy to make with dried or fresh herbs.

It is a fresh 'green' tasting tea - if you want to sweeten it, then try a teaspoon of honey.

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To make it, take a handful of fresh parsley - I just crush it in my hand before dropping it into the cafetiere.

Some people like to chop it up before brewing, but that's up to you - use a pair of scissors as the appearance of the parsley won't matter.

fresh parsely in cafetière

The cafetiere is very good for brewing herbal tea as the plunger takes the 'bits' to the bottom.

Pour over about half a pint (500 ml, 2 cups) of just off the boil water.

boiled water on fresh parsley

Put the plunger back into the pot, but don't press it down just yet.

Leave the tea to brew for around 10 minutes.

I find a timer very handy while I'm waiting.

Push the parsley down before drinking your tea.

timer set for 10 minutes

Parsley tea - dried or fresh

You can use dried parsley if you don't have fresh - about one teaspoon will be enough.

It is commonly reputed to be a gentle diuretic - details here

A diuretic works by making you pee a bit more than usual - this gets rid of some of the extra fluid in your body. This lessens the work your heart has to do as it has to pump all the fluid around your body - this is quite basic, but if you understand that all your tissue holds water and the nearer to normal levels you have, the easier it is for your heart to pump.

A cup of tea made with parsley is a natural diuretic which some people find beneficial in reducing the fluid. 

Other properties are use as an emmenagogue. Please see below for a link through. Parsley is perfectly safe in culinary quantities for pregnant women - you will not harm your baby or yourself by having a portion of parsley sauce on your fish or ham. Do not use parsley in medicinal quantities if you are pregnant or believe yourself to be pregnant - or even if you are trying to get pregnant, avoid parsley in large quantities. 

I have no personal experience here, but Sister Zeus will be able to give more information regarding the parsley tea abortificant.  

The information on this website is in no way intended as medical advice and nor should it be taken as such.

If symptoms don't improve, consult your doctor. 

If you have a medical condition, you must consult a Herbal Practitioner or a Medical Doctor. 

If you are pregnant, you must consult your doctor or nurse before trying any herbal remedy.

If you are already taking pharmaceuticals, then speak to your doctor about taking herbs - some drugs react badly with herbs and you need to know that you are not going to do more harm than good.

There are some great reusable gizmos if you're making herbal tea. It's best to buy your own herb material or grow it yourself if you can. 

That means you're going to have loose tea of course and bits floating on the top are an irritation. Herb tea is supposed to be relaxing!

So, one of these tea infusers or a special pot will save you the problems. 

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