Herbal Indigestion Remedy

A herbal indigestion remedy is a gentler solution than reaching for chemicals to correct the balance of your digestive system.

For centuries, our ancestors have used a herbal remedy to settle stomach problems.


You will find peppermint easily (photo at top of the page, chamomile to your right here)

It's very easy to grow - in fact, it's hard to stop growing once you've got some!

It helps your stomach digest food and can suppress the appetite, so it's useful for dieters.

Some people claim that sniffing oil of peppermint can take away hunger pangs which is good news for dieters!

It helps cleanse the intestines and can ease bloating. 

Make a tea by pouring boiling water onto a few leaves. You need to crush the leaves in your hand before you put them in the pot - instructions for how to make herbal tea are linked at the bottom of the page - look at the photo.

Let it infuse for five minutes. You can sweeten it with honey if you like. 

For an ultra cleansing and anti bloating tea, you can add a handful of crushed nettle leaves. 

For an indigestion remedy, you could add a few chamomile flowers if you like.


Parsley can be used to sweeten the breath after eating strong and spicy foods. Just chew a few sprigs or make a tea out of it.

It's also good for settling an upset stomach. 

If you feel bloated or you've overdone the wine or garlic, then simply take a few sprigs of parsely and chew slowly. 

If you do this after a meal, it will really help guard against indigestion. 

It's a good idea to keep parsley growing through the winter - you can keep a pot on the kitchen window sill for the depths of winter.



Oil of dill is used in gripe water for babies.

A tea of dill seeds will help relieve hiccoughs and vomiting.

Dill seeds can be chewed to dull hunger pangs - good news for dieters again.

It is very soothing taken as a tea.

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