High Blood Pressure Herbs

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High Blood Pressure Herbs

Garlic, the original herbal remedy for high blood pressure, has been used with good effect for years.

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Garlic stimulates the digestion, acts as an expectorant (excellent with honey as a cough medicine) has a diuretic effect as well as lowering blood pressure.

You can buy garlic capsules if you don't like the taste or smell.

It's important to not drink anything hot for an hour after you've taken them as they will release their odour and you might as well have eaten it raw and saved yourself the money of buying capsules!

If you're taking a supplement, then you need to be aware that it can thin the blood - so, if you're taking medication, such as warfarin or have a medical condition, you need to check with your doctor prior to taking supplements.

However, if you're eating it as part of your diet, then a clove or two a day should be alright and will have the effect of lowering your blood pressure over time.

Fish Oils some studies have shown that fish oils can lower hypertension. As with garlic, if you take a supplement, then consult your doctor if you have a medical condition.

The addition of two or three portions of oily fish a week will improve your overall heart health.

High Blood Pressure Herbs - Hawthorn

The best high blood pressure herbs though is Hawthorn it is good for all round heart health.

It's a common hedgerow plant and you can use the berries to make a syrup or tea or buy supplements.

It is safe to take with medicines but you must consult your doctor as it may have the benefit of reducing the amount of pharmaceutical drugs you need to take.

The only person qualified to help you with this, is your doctor who is prescribing for you.

Side effects are rare - nausea, sweating, fatigue and skin rashes - and it is generally considered to be one of the safest herbal preparations.

James Wong has a great recipe for hawthorn and artichoke leather - cholesterol busting stuff. I can't share the recipe for fear of copyright issues, but the books are fabulous, full of easy to make recipes and some crucial information about using herbs and plants in medicine. 

The books are generally available second hand and reasonably priced - take less than three days to arrive as well.

james wong grow your own drugs cover
james wong grow your own drugs

One of my favorite authors and two of his most successful books. 





The information on this website is in no way intended as medical advice and nor should it be taken as such.

If symptoms don't improve, consult your doctor. 

If you have a medical condition, you must consult a Herbal Practitioner or a Medical Doctor. 

If you are pregnant, you must consult your doctor or nurse before trying any herbal remedy.

If you are already taking pharmaceuticals, then speak to your doctor about taking herbs - some drugs react badly with herbs and you need to know that you are not going to do more harm than good.

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