Indoor Herb Garden

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HANE Tincture 101 June 2024

Just imagine row after row of amber and cobalt blue bottles lining the shelves of your herbal dispensary, each neatly labeled and filled with various shades of yellow, green, and brown herbal tinctures that you’ve crafted for a specific purpose. In the online, self-paced Tincture Making 101 Mini Course, we explore the craft of tincture making from the ground up, giving you a solid foundation that will prepare you to make, use, and formulate tinctures confidently! 

This is the perfect time for the tincture course - plants are growing abundantly and you ought to take advantage of that, to harvest and prepare your herbal preparations ready for the winter. 

aerogarden for growing herbs indoors

The ultimate indoor herb garden must be the Aerogrow.

I would have them all over the house if I could.

You can grow herbs, vegetables, salads, flowers - anything you like really.

They look so cool as well.

They're great for starting off seeds and then transplanting. 

I've had mine for about five years and I  love it - I grow different herbs depending on what I feel like growing and sometimes I grow tomatoes or strawberries in it. Photos of mine and how I sited it in my tiny kitchen are here.

Herbalist Courses for all levels

You can try a sample lesson to help you decide if the Herbal Academy of New England is the right choice for you - click the link below.

Preview Lesson from the Introductory Herbal Course

The variety of seeds you can buy is tremendous this is just an example of some of the packs you can buy.

  • Herbal Tea pack - Bergamot, Lemon Balm, Peppermint and Lemon Mint
  • Gourmet Herbs - Dill, Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint
  • Salad Greens
  • Tomatoes and Jalapeños 
  • Grow Anything - you choose your own seeds
  • Seed tray - plant 70 seeds to get them off to a good start

Imagine being able to pick your own herbs in your kitchen on a daily basis.

They grow very quickly - you can begin harvesting in as little as 3 weeks due to the special lights they use to encourage indoor growth.

The combination of water and nutrients and timed lights encourage the plants to grow really quickly. The Aerogrow reproduces perfect growing conditions and up until now, this sort of technology has only been available to large, commercial growers.

Now you can buy one yourself and use it to grow your own indoor herb garden - or salad leaves, tomatoes, chillies or even flowers. 

Indoor Herb Garden from Aerogrow 

They're relatively new in the gardening world, but people are finding them incredibly useful.

Some comments from review sites:

  • The light spreads a bit further than the base, so put some indoor plants next to the unit to take advantage of the growing light - sick plants will benefit tremendously.
  • The light means you've got a gentle glow in the kitchen and won't need to turn on the harsh fluorescent light every time you go in.
  • You can garden twelve months a year.
  • When the herbs grow too big, then take them out of the Aerogrow, plant them in soil and start off another plant in the unit. Try some cut and come again lettuce.
  • The unit is about the size of a four slot toaster.
  • If you buy via Amazon, you don't need to register your unit. Just keep  your Amazon receipt and use live chat at
  • If they're out of stock when you visit, check different colors as they may be available or look at the suggestions at the bottom of the page where you will see similar units.
  • The LED lights will last three to five years.
  • Make sure that you have clearance to raise the growing light as the plants grow.

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