Mint Jelly Recipe

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The second part of the mint jelly recipe tutorial.

Setting up the jelly bag and straining the juice to make the recipe.

Here's the contents of the jelly strainer box,

It's quite easy to assemble.

I normally stitch the muslin onto the ring as I think it's firmer.

Set the jelly strainer over a bowl or like here, a measuring jug.

You will need to know how much juice you have to calculate the sugar quantity when you make this mint jelly.

After 20 to 30 minutes,the apples and mint should have have stewed down to a pulp.

Carefully pour the mint mixture into the jelly bag.

I use a soup ladle until the pan is light enough to lift safely.

For this recipe, you need to allow the juice to drip through.

If you squeeze the pulp, the juice will be cloudy, so allow at least 6 hours - I left this overnight.

It won't affect the taste, just the looks of the finished recipe.

Here's the strained mint juice - I got about 3/4 pint out of the pulp.

Add 2/3 of that quantity of vinegar - so that is half a pint. 

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