Natural Acne Remedy

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Natural Acne Remedy
Acne is mostly associated with teenagers, particularly boys, but it can affect people of either sex at any age. People who had clear skins in their early years, can develop acne as adults.

It's very distressing to have acne, but teenagers suffer more than most because of other changes in their bodies. They feel self conscious anyway and an angry red, spotty face is on show to the world. There's nowhere to hide and they feel embarrassed and awkward.

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Acne is more than an occasional spot – it's red skin, bumps, lesions, whiteheads, blackheads and pus filled spots. It can also be very painful. If the boils become infected, you can become very ill.

It isn't confined to the face. It can affect the back, chest, neck, shoulders and other areas. It can lead to permanent scarring and pitting of the skin if it's not handled properly.

Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands which are at the bottom of each hair follicle secrete too much oily sebum. This forms hard plugs and blocks the pores, which causes spots and lesions. The hormonal imbalance of puberty, menstruation or pregnancy can trigger the over production of sebum and in turn, acne. Emotional stress, friction from clothing, medication such as steroids or contraceptives can all bring on an attack.

Although acne is probably not caused by eating chocolate, fatty snacks or fizzy drinks, food allergies may have a part to play. You need to look at your diet at the time the acne flared to perhaps eliminate some foods.

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Natural Acne Remedy

So, if you want to avoid using chemicals give yourself a three month course of a natural acne remedy. The first thing to remember, is not to pick and squeeze at the spots – that could lead to scarring and pitting of the skin.

It can take three or four weeks of treatment to notice a difference and up to three months to become clear. That can seem like an awfully long time if your face is covered in spots, but there aren't many options other than 'sit it out'. 

Touch your face as little as possible and only with clean hands.

If you have mild acne, then try a tea tree oil soap or lotion which will be available at your local herbal shop. It can often nip skin problems in the bud as it has good antiseptic qualities.

Once you've found the natural acne remedy that's right for you, continue to use it to keep your acne in check. If your acne has gone further than mild, try this combination of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B6 (50 mg each morning), Vitamin C (500 mg twice a day), Vitamin E (400 mg a day), Selenium (200 mcg a day) and Zinc (25 mg a day) will boost your immune system, keep the bacteria in check, reduce inflammation and promote healthy hormone levels. Don't use Zinc for too long without adding Copper. If you go longer than a month, then add 2 mg of Copper a day.

Add some Omega 3s and 6s found in fish oils and they will help reduce inflammation as well. Take a fish oil supplement at 300 mg a day. In fact, if you have a teenager, then fish oils will help with their moods and concentration levels as well.

If your acne flare up is menstrual related, then 1/2 teaspoon of chasteberry tincture in a glass of water per day will help.

In addition to the vitamins and minerals, you need to wash daily, using a non perfumed soap and plain, lukewarm water. If your skin is really painful, a clean cloth soaked in warm water, with a few drops of tea tree oil, will relieve the tightness and soreness for a while.

Make sure you don't share your cloth with anyone and that you wash it thoroughly – just one use, then wash it. You might buy some muslin squares which are quite cheap and then throw them away after using.

Change your pillow case regularly - in fact, you could put a cloth over your pillow case and change that daily.

Eat a balanced diet. Experiment to see if you can identify any trigger foods and then eliminate them.

Choose cosmetics and skin products that are oil and perfume free.

Above all, try and stay relaxed about it. It's very hard to do, but stress can increase the acne attacks and it becomes a vicious circle.

If you have other medical conditions, or your acne doesn't respond within three months, then see your doctor.

James Wong has written a book 'Grow Your Own Drugs' which has natural acne remedies.

I bought this book as soon as it was published - I would love to be able to write the natural acne remedy for you here, but it would breach copyright.

The book is well worth buying if you like a natural acne remedy or remedies for any number of illnesses.

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james wong grow your own drugs cover
james wong grow your own drugs

One of my favorite authors and two of his most successful books. 





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