Natural Sunburn Remedy

Natural Sunburn Remedy

This natural sunburn remedy is very likely made of something you'll have in your cupboards - oatmeal or porridge oats.

Sunburn is very painful and best avoided if you possibly can.

We are aware now that sunburn is one of the major factors in skin cancer.

However, sometimes accidents happen and you end up burned despite the precautions you took.

The problem once you've got sunburn, is the pain and stinging from your skin - the burning sensation when you think you could probably fry an egg on it!!

This natural remedy will help take the sting out for you.

First, run a cool bath - make it tepid, too hot and it will sting like mad and do you no good at all. You may also be suffering with a mild heatstroke and a hot, steamy room might make you dizzy and feel very ill.

You don't want to faint, bang your head and knock yourself out!

Then fill a small cloth bag or even a sock with porridge oats/oatmeal - tie the top as you don't want to have to pick porridge oats off your skin :-)

Squeeze water through the sock so that it runs into the bathwater then leave the sock in the bath so that the 'juice' can continue to seep into the water.

Oatmeal will soothe your skin and trap the moisture, so have a short soak and pour the water over your sunburned bits - back, shoulder etc.

Then pat your skin dry very carefully with a soft towel - alternatively, 'air dry' so as not to break any blisters that may be forming - just sit around until you're dry - not suggesting any heat here.

This is a natural remedy that would be suitable for children as well.

If you have blisters, then you can use a solution of 1 pint cold water to 30ml vinegar. Soak a flannel in it and wring it out, gently apply to the burned skin for about 10 minutes.

Do be very careful here - to be on the safe side, boil the water you're going to use, then allow it to cool - that way, it will be sterile.

The vinegar is an astringent which will draw fluid from the blister, speeding up the healing process and acting as an antiseptic at the same time.

If you want to, you could take some ibuprofen which will reduce the chemical produced by the sunburn and offer some pain relief.

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