Rosemary Tree

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Rosemary tree

A Rosemary Tree makes a wonderful focal point for a dinner table or buffet party.

Some people use them for wedding decorations.

They can be expensive to buy, but you could easily make them if you allow yourself enough time.

Choose an upright variety of rosemary - there are some beautiful cascading varities but they won't make a good tree.

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You can either train the tree indoors or outdoors - it's up to you.

A Rosemary tree can be grown indoors, but it isn't an indoor plant - after you've used it for your party, then it needs to go outside when the weather is warm enough.

It's a hardy shrub, but will need acclimatizing to the temperatures after being kept inside.

So - choose your Rosemary.

If you want it taller than it is already, then make sure the growing tip hasn't been nipped out to make the plant bushier - that's a trick used by growers to make the plants look more mature and charge more!

Have a good look at the nursery to make sure your chosen plant is a single stem in the pot - some nurseries put two or three plants in the pot to make them look more mature and charge more money!

That's OK if they're single stems though as you'll be able to separate the plants and make more than one tree.

So - when you get the rosemary home, you'll need to start training it into a conicial shape as in the photo above.

Scissors are fine for the young, tender shoots. You might need secateurs if the plant is more mature.

Trim away carefully and keep turning the pot as you go - you can always take a bit more off, but you'll have to wait for a while for it to grow.

Don't waste the trimmings - you can use them in cooking or making cosmetics.

If you've got loads that you've taken off, you can freeze them and use them over a period of time.

When you've got the shape you want, then you need to consider decorating the tree.

Rosemary Tree for Christmas 

Rosemary is a shrubby sort of herb, but it's unlikely to be as big or strong as a fir tree, so the decorations you'd normally use for Christmas probably won't be useable.

You can take pasta bows or similar and spray them a color - use a theme if you like - tiny bows made out of ribbon will work well as decorations.  You can buy tiny led lights which you could wrap round the tree. 

Use your imagination - maybe let the kids loose as their project.

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