Sinusitis is an infection in the sinuses.

These are four pairs of openings at the front of the skull round your nose and cheekbones which are lined with mucus secreting membrane.

Their job is to sweep away inhaled pollen, dust, germs and other matter.

Blocked sinuses are extremely irritating at best - your ears pop and make noises - to excruciatingly painful. 

Sinusitis can give you pressure or headaches around the eyes, a feeling of fullness which will worsen when you bend forwards, tenderness in the face, trouble breathing through the nose, nasal discharge and toothache.

At its worst, people say that their brains feel like they're falling out when they bend down!

It can be caused by colds or flu or the lining can become irritated by allergies.

Conventional medicine will give you antibiotics, but these don't prevent future infections.

One way to protect is to boost your immune system.

Take vitamin C (a natural antihistamine) and a multivitamin and multimineral tablet.

Echinacea (200mg four times a day) will help clear the infection.

Echinacea is a natural antibiotic, helps kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. It stimulates the immune system and fights infection.

It boosts the cells' production of interferon which is a virus fighting substance - once hailed (but never proven) as a treatment for cancer.

You need to take it four times a day whilst fighting infections as its effectiveness is only good for a few hours during acute infections.

To assist in clearing your sinuses, take an inhalation of eucalyptus.

Simply put a few drops of oil in boiling water and inhale the steam - do be careful - with a towel over your head - blow your nose freqeuntly during the inhalation.

Alternatively you could use a steam inhaler. This is particularly suitable for children or the elderly as there is less chance of spilling and scalding.

Avoid smoky and dusty atmospheres, drink plenty of fluids and use a flannel warmed in water over your face to relieve some of the pain.

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