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Weight loss is a big topic.

I get many enquiries about herbal weight loss remedies.

There is no magic solution sadly, but there are herbs that will help curb your appetite and assist in losing those extra pounds.

Of course, they can also make your food more appetising - if you're faced with what you would normally consider to be a bland diet, then you can pep it up with herbs and spices.

This video shows you how to make a herbal tea and it's a method you can use with any herb.

There are four main herbs that are generally accepted to help you with the loss of those extra pounds.

Some of the links are live and will take you through to growing and cultivation instructions.


Dill is particularly useful for flavouring bland food - it's used a lot with fish (high in protein, low in fat) and will make a lot of plain foods more interesting.

Chewing the dill seeds was a common practice for people who needed to stave off hunger pangs during Lent or fasting.

Fennel is the perennial relative of dill.

You shouldn't grow these two close together as they could cross-pollinate.

Use the leaves to make a tea to sip through the day when you're trying to lose weight.

The seeds of fennel will also help you to stave off hunger pangs if you chew them.

Lady's Mantle

This isn't a 'mainstream' herb - it's an ancient herb and you will very likely have to grow it from seed unless you inherit some in your garden.

The leaves can be used to make a tea - sip about 2 cups a day to aid dieting.

Be cautious though - if you're pregnant, don't use it until towards the last few weeks. There are varying authorities on this, so it's best to err on the side of caution.

It has many other properties - can be helpful during menopause and to regulate the monthly cycle.

Sweet Cicely
A few leaves of this added to stewed fruit will reduce the need for sugar by half.

If you dry it, then add 2 teaspoons or so during cooking.

This is an important saving for diabetics and weight watchers.

Any little bit that helps will add up to a substantial loss of several pounds over a year.

If you were to lose 1lb a week, it would be 52lbs in a year - if you get your weight into perspective, it can help.

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