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Weight loss is a big topic.

I get many enquiries about herbal weight loss remedies.

There is no magic solution sadly, but there are herbs that will help curb your appetite and assist in losing those extra pounds. I would be worth millions if I could give you a reliable herbal solution. 

Of course, herbs can make your food more appetising - if you're faced with what you would normally consider to be a bland diet, then you can pep it up with herbs and spices. That will have an effect on your overall well being too. 

This video shows you how to make a herbal tea and it's a method you can use with any herb.

There are three main herbs that are generally accepted to help you with the loss of those extra pounds.

Some of the links are live and will take you through to growing and cultivation instructions.


Dill is particularly useful for flavouring bland food - it's used a lot with fish (high in protein, low in fat) and will make a lot of plain foods more interesting.

Chewing the dill seeds was a common practice for people who needed to stave off hunger pangs during Lent or fasting. They would take a pocket full into church and chew on them during the long services. If you're trying to lose weight and hunger pangs are a problem for you in the early stages of adjusting, then this might be the thing that helps you through those early stag

Fennel is the perennial relative of dill.

You shouldn't grow these two close together as they could cross-pollinate.

Use the leaves to make a tea to sip through the day when you're trying to lose weight.

The seeds of fennel will also help you to stave off hunger pangs if you chew them.

Sweet Cicely
A few leaves of this added to stewed fruit will reduce the need for sugar by half.

If you dry it, then add 2 teaspoons or so during cooking.

This is an important saving for diabetics and weight watchers.

Any little bit that helps will add up to a substantial loss of several pounds over a year.

If you were to lose 1lb a week, it would be 52lbs in a year - if you get your weight into perspective, it can help.

Herb Tips for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Plans

One of the eating plans that is becoming increasingly popular is the Low Carb Plan, sometimes referred to as Ketogenic. Another is the low calorie, low carb plan which is probably a bit harder - at least with Keto, you can eat until you're full!

It is a tough plan, but the rewards for people who are type II diabetic are often a reversal and that has to be worth a try.

I mentioned above chewing dill seeds which people used to do centuries ago to help them through their religious fasting. It's a technique that could help you through your low carb/low cal/Keto diets - it will do no harm and you've got a lot to gain if it does help you through the early stages whilst your body gets used to the new regime.

The information on this website is in no way intended as medical advice and nor should it be taken as such.

If symptoms don't improve, consult your doctor. 

If you have a medical condition, you must consult a Herbal Practitioner or a Medical Doctor. 

If you are pregnant, you must consult your doctor or nurse before trying any herbal remedy.

If you are already taking pharmaceuticals, then speak to your doctor about taking herbs - some drugs react badly with herbs and you need to know that you are not going to do more harm than good.

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