Herb Guide Gifts

Herb Guide Gifts - in an attempt to cut through some of the noise, I've been searching for a selection in all price ranges of gifts for the herb lover in your life.

Herb scissors, gardening gloves, herb choppers or strippers. Grow kits, herbarium or the ultimate an Aerogarden.

If you're in the US, then the links go directly to Amazon, if you're outside, the links will go to your local store and you'll be served a close equivalent if the same isn't available. 

Starting from under $10 (or pounds, euro, yen whatever) you can buy something really useful like these muslin reusable tea bags - add some dried lavender, and you've given someone relaxing bath times. Add a pack of dried peppermint and you've given a lovely soothing drink. 

There's a great selection of Herb Gifts  here. 

The next section of Herb Guide Gifts goes up to $25 - the hanging dryer here is an example. There's tea pots with infusers, insulated cups, grow kits, terrariums, scented eye pillows, Herbs to Feed Bees (my book) and all sorts of other things.

This section is Herb Gifts to $50 and there's larger growing kits, this gorgeous scented neck pillow, self watering kits, botanical prints and much more.

Herb Guide Gifts 

Now, who wouldn't want one of these? An Aerogarden.

There is an enormous price range - from $60 to $400 (£69.95 to £270).

You can get three pod units up to seven pods. 

There's kits for growing herbs, flowers, tomatoes, chillies and strawberries or you can buy 'blanks' and grow your own choices.

I have one of these and I love it. I grow a selection of herbs in it and sometimes, I'll start off my seeds under the lights to give them a real boost. Plus, it's very handy for 'sick' plants as the light is cast to the sides a little and I put them close so they can get some of the extra light. 

I thought you might be interested in seeing how to make your home smell gorgeous over the holidays (or any time!)

Simmering Potpourri is a lovely idea, but if you're busy, then you've got to keep your eye on the pot in case it begins to boil dry. Then, you'll have an awful smell!

So, I made a short video explaining how to avoid this by using the crockpot or slow cooker.

Plus, there's a selection of different combinations to try - the choice is yours of course - you can put anything together you like.

And this really is the final thing - I know you'll be busy and the last thing you want is being bombarded.

So, a quick reminder on how to make stuffing for your turkey in case you missed it last month. 

Another short video - it's so easy and you can make the breadcrumbs with the herbs well in advance and pop them in the freezer ready to come out on the day or the night before. It will defrost very quickly.

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